About Megan


I am an Artist, a Mother and a Wife who loves roller skating, self portraiture, gardening, reggae & 80’s music. I am a self-taught photographer, born and raised in Vermont. My Daughter is my muse, my inspiration, the reason I started this Journey. I am so appreciative for her, always and forever.


I’ve asked my Clients to describe my style in three words,



 I am at a place in my Life, where I am evolving unapologetically; and it feels absolutely amazing.

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I believe

•  in laughing until my belly hurts.

•  in Myself, my Intuition, and my Instincts.

• following my dreams and striving for happiness.

• in doing only what sets my soul on fire.

• in the power of hearing, “I love you, Mom.”

•  in my spirituality.



I love

• roller skating and gardening.

• taking self portraits to center myself.

• photographing my Daughter, she’s my inspiration.

• monarch butterflies, with a passion!

• my amazing Family.

• iced coffee!